HME’s and Filters


Heat Moisture Exchanger

The Pepper Medical Tracheal Heat & Moisture Exchanger captures heat and moisture and returns it to the patient. It is meant for use by spontaneously breathing patients with a tracheostomy tube.  Reimbursement Code A7507.


  • Low profile and Lightweight
  • High performance paper element
  • Full compatibility with breathing systems
  • Convenient oxygen delivery
  • Warms and humidifies air with minimal resistance to flow
  • Reimbursement Code A7507

**The Pepper Medical HME is available in other shapes, sizes, and configurations. Inquire at or 1-800-647-0172


Bacterial / Viral Filters

The Pepper Medical HEPA Filter has efficiencies of 99.999%, with luer ports, and an integral cap-and-strap as an additional safety feature to remove the risk of a lost cap. Pleated media filters provide higher efficiencies and greater levels of hydrophobicity.


Filtration and Humidification HMEs, Filters, and HMEFs

Product Code: #HME001 #HEPA701 #HMEF711
Description: Trach HME HEPA Filter Foam HME
Electrostatic Filter
Dimensions: H: 38.5mm
W: 28.5mm
H: 81.5 mm
W: 68.5 mm
H: 77.0 mm
W: 68.5 mm
Humidity Output: 23.4mg @ VT 500ml 25mg H2O @ VT 500ml 31mg H2O @ VT 500ml
Resistance to Flow : 40 pa or 0.41 cm H20 at 30 l/Min 150pa or 1.53cm H2O at 30 l/min 100pa or 1.02cm H2O at 30 l/min
Tidal Volume: >25ml 200-1500 ml 150 – 1500 ml
Filtration: N/A BFE / VFE 99.9999% BFE / VFE 99.9999%
Media: Corrugated paper Filter Media: Hydrophobic Filter Media: Electrostatic
Weight: 5g 40g 27g
Gas Port: No Yes Yes
Dead Space: 11ml 52ml 55ml
Connection: 15 mm 22M-15F /22F-15M 22M-15F /22F-15M

Note: The Pepper Medical HME’s and Filters are available in other shapes, sizes, and configurations. Please contact us and we will try our best to provide you with a product to match your needs.