Endo Trach Tube Holder

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Endo Trach Tube Holder



  • Slide Rail allows for movement and rotation of the tube to prevent sores and skin breakdown
  • Patented Nasal-Gastric Tube Holder on cheek plate keeps NG tube out of the way and secure
  • Larger strap release Tab allows for easier and quicker tube disengagementMedical grade adhesive tape
  • Cushioned foam pad relieves pressure and will NOT absorb water or adhere to hair
  • Soft foam cushion padding protects the teeth, lips and skin
  • Soft adjustable neckband
  • Accommodates multiple-size ET tubes
  • Less packaging waste


Note: Pepper Medical stocks a wide variety of foam laminates and Velcro® brand hook. If there is a specific configuration of Trach Tube Holder you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to provide you with a product to match your needs.